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Time plan

Our goal is to commission all chapters by September 2022. In an effort to streamline the process, we request authors to submit their chapters within a year, during which time we will work with them on editing and rewriting. We expect to submit the final manuscript in late 2023. Authors will receive clear editorial guidelines to ensure clarity and a standard writing style. We intend to have contributions from an international team of authors, including senior and junior academics across all continents and diverse disciplines within the social sciences and humanities. Authors will be engaged as reviewers.

Each chapter should be based on a working definition of automated futures to clarify what is meant by ‘imaginaries,’ ‘interactions,’ or ‘impact’. All chapters must present a learning objective as the focal point of the author’s contribution. We recommend using active verbs when formulating learning objectives to maintain a uniform structure and keep chapters as focused as possible.


  • 21 June: Deadline for abstract submission
  • 30 June: Decision Abstracts/Instructions and template sent out
  • Late September: Signed author’s agreement deadline
  • November: Online chapter workshops (adapted to different time zones)


  • January: First drafts due
  • March: Reviews sent back to the authors
  • June: Revised chapters due
  • 1 October: Complete Word manuscript for typesetting submitted